A detailed breakdown of the BaseAdaptor.sol contract.


Adaptors are the mechanisms by which strategists can interact with external protocols and allocate Cellar assets. All adaptors inherit from BaseAdaptor, which spells out a number of requirements for an adaptor to be used with Cellars:

  • Each adaptor must have a unique identifier. Updated adaptors using the same protocol should increment a version number in their identifier.

  • Each adaptor should report its base asset, via assetOf, and any other assets used, with assetsUsed.

  • An adaptor should report whether or not it allows the Cellar to take on debt, via isDebt.

  • An adaptor should be able to report its own balance in terms of the assetOf asset, via the invocation of balanceOf.

  • An adaptor should contain deposit, withdraw, and withdrawableFrom functions that allow Cellars to move assets into and out of the position in response to user deposit/withdrawal requests. For adaptors that do not represent liquid positions (such as adaptors for debt positions, like the AaveDebtTokenAdaptor), the implementor can have withdrawableFrom return 0.

For more information on adaptor architecture, see "Building Adaptors."

See the next page for a current API for BaseAdaptor.sol.

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